About us

I love luxury watches. And that is what inspired me to create this website. Since 2011 I have been obsessed with only the very best and beautiful luxury watches.

Yes! It’s true that this website started out of a passion. As someone who fancies watches so much, I always spend some good time searching around for the latest in town. Talk of any brand, I may have used it or on the verge to. I just love watches.

As much as this website is a place for top 10 lists and a showcase for watches, it is also a forum where I will take a closer look at the watch industry and all things related to it. You will find news from the watch industry, guides to choosing the right watch, interesting stuff on the watch brands… actually what ever I find interesting enough to share with you.

Top 10 lists in many categories

Yes, the top 10 lists are a big part of this site and I have done my best to display the top lists in a way that will make it an ease to go through the lists and to choose what might be very suitable to your personality.  For instance, whether you are a sportsman or simply following luxury, you should be able to make a perfect pick without any hassle. Click on the links to go directly to the top 10 lists.

There will be more categories added and feel free to make your category suggestions by sending me an e-mail. You can find the e-mail address in the footer section below.

I only recommend watches I strongly believe in

Recommending watches in a watch blog, means I am putting my reputation on the line a bit. Well, that’s certainly why I don’t go for any crap of a watch. I go for what I strongly believe are the top either in terms of looks, quality or durability and watches which I think offer value for your money.

You will see affordable, good looking watches from Seiko, alongside high-end luxury watches from Panerai. I created the Best Luxury Watches website mainly to help people of same interest who among other reasons may not have enough time to do the necessary research.

My experience has revealed that without the proper guide and information, your chances of purchasing a watch of poor quality is very much high. And nothing can be more frustrating than wasting your money on a trashy product due to inadequate knowledge.

Thanks to the big World Wide Web this task has certainly been reduced to fun. I read a lot of other watch blogs and follow watch forums, to get relevant information about watches and to stay up to date with the watch industry. For shopping recommendations I stick to Amazon and similar shopping sites I believe have a good stock of quality products.  

Share the love for watches!

I would really love it if you let other people know about Best Luxury Watches and your favorite watches by sharing to your social network. You will easily find the social sharing icons on every page. Hoping to see you around here a lot!