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The best mens luxury watches of 2019. It’s time to rank the number one men’s accessory. Besides a wedding ring or some jewelry around your neck, a watch is about it when it comes to men’s accessories. I guess that’s why men cherish their watches so much. A watch can reflect your personality, your style and even your mood. You can wear a minimalist dress watch for the finer occasions, or a bright and bold colored sportier watch when you go out for a walk with the dog. Whatever your style or mood might be, there is always a watch to match it.

Ranking mens watches is not an easy task, mainly because it is such a broad category to fully cover. Also a list of this character will always cause some controversy, due to the fact that we all have our personal favorites and standing points. I have seen a lot of lists of mens watches, made by others and to be honest I have never fully agreed with them. There is always some watches missing or some that should not have been on the list. What ever you feel about it – let me hear your thoughts on the list below.

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